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"They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance."

Last words of Major General John Sedwick as he was shot by Confederate Sharpshooter Sgt. Grace at 1000 yards. 1864

High Power Rifle Competition

The history of modern High Power Rifle competition can be traced back to 1903. Discouraged by the amount of time it took to teach recruits to shoot during the Spanish-American War, Congress created an organization to sponsor military marksmanship training for civilians, and to encourage competition using military issue rifles. The course of fire was nearly identical to the military's rifle qualification course. One of the biggest supporters of the program was President Theodore Roosevelt. Today's competitors continue that tradition. Using a former USMC rifle range built during the Second World War at Buskin lake and moved to Salonie creek in the 1950s KISA is fortunate to operate a 500 yard range with 15 target carriers. High Power matches challenge the shooter with a twice monthly NRA-sanctioned Regional Match Course (80 rounds).

Match Schedule

Regional Match Course (80 rounds): 2015 dates are the last Sunday of ever month. This year we might include F-Class shooting along side High Power if we can get the targets in time. If you are interested in this I need to know ahead of time. Registration begins at 8:00 am and we usually finish around 2:00 pm. Contact Neil Moomey 907-539-1860 for details.

Registration and squadding will take place at the 200 yard line.

Course of Fire:

Off-Hand (standing, unsupported) from 200 yards- The competitor will fire 20 rounds from a standing position. This is a slow fire stage, meaning each round will be loaded singly. Each shooter gets two sighting shots from standing or sitting.

Sitting Rapid from 200 yards- The competitor will have 60 seconds to fire 10 rounds, with a mandatory magazine change/reload, from the sitting position. There are two strings of Rapid Sitting in the RMC. Each shooter gets two sighting shots.

Prone Rapid from 300 yards- The competitor will have 70 seconds to fire 10 rounds, with a mandatory magazine change/reload, from the prone position. There are two strings of Rapid Prone in the RMC. Each shooter gets two slow fire sighting shots.

Prone Slow from 500 yards- The competitor will have 20 minutes to fire 20 rounds from the prone position. Each shooter gets two slow fire sighting shots.

  • Shooters can compete in either the Service Rifle category, or the Match Rifle category.
  • The Service Rifle category restricts competitors to rifles of the type issued for use by the U.S. Armed Forces, or their commercial equivalent. With this category only internal modifications to the rifle to improve function and accuracy are allowed, but the rifle's exterior must be dimensionally the same as the issue arm, or as allowed by NRA rule 3.1.
  • The Match Rifle category has fewer restrictions on the type or modification to the rifle. See NRA rule 3.3.
  • Telescopic sights are not allowed in either category.
  • Empty Chamber Indicator is REQUIRED for all rifles.
  • ECIs will be available for purchase at registration
  • Open to all, minors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Entry fee for RMC is $20.
  • Current NRA High Power rules will govern. It is the competitorís responsibility to be familiar with the rules and the program however assistance will be provided.

This is a fun and rewarding way to dramatically improve your rifle skills. You will learn more about true marksmanship than a lifetime of hunting or recreational shooting. Come on out and give it a try! You don't need perfect vision to shoot iron sights. We know a few tricks to help you out.

Contact Neil Moomey 907-539-1860 or Karl Short Ph: 907-942-7737 for more details

NRA Rulebook

One of the distinctive features of High Power competition in the USA is the ranking system. Climbing the ladder is one of the most rewarding and challenging aspects of this sport. In many ways you are competing against yourself and striving for self improvement. Once you attain a new classification the NRA will mail you a classification card and some decal stickers that you can proudly display on your rifle case or gear box.
MarksmanSharpshooterExpertMasterHigh Master
below 84.0084.00 - 88.9989.00 - 93.9994.00 - 96.9997.00 and up