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K.I.S.A. Salonie Creek Outdoor Range

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Kodiak Island Sportsman's Association (K.I.S.A.) is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers. When you join the club, you along with your family will receive access to the Salonie Creek outdoor range. This range consists of a 500 yard rifle range with NRA High Power target carriers and a safety pit. These carriers are operated by the CRO of the range and the volunteer members running a High-Power Rifle Match. The range also has a 50 yard pistol range.

From May to October Centerfire Benchrest, Rimfire Benchrest and High Power rifle matches are held at the 500 yard range. Other matches such as Charging Bear, tactical shoots, and Metalic Shilhouette have been held on a less regular basis.

The Salonie range is located on Rezanof Drive 11.5 miles South of the City of Kodiak. Take the first right after the Salonie creek bridge and look for the gate. This range is open 24/7 to members, but there may be closures due for matches. WATCH the web page for updates regarding closed days. Please lock the gate behind you to prevent unathorized use of the road. The firing line has shooting benches that are built by our volunteers, please take care of them, shoot safe and clean up your targets when you are done.

Our low membership rates give you a key to the gate for 24/7 access and this is the most convenient method. For people who only need to use the range once or twice a year the range is open to non-members for a daily fee of $10 per person. Contact the President for details or see the caretaker at the trailer and he will let you in.

Salonie Range Closed Times:

Sunday (Jun - Aug) 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm: Benchrest Competition
Selected Sundays (May - Sept) 8:00 am - 4:00 pm: High Power Competition
(See Calendar for additional dates)


1. It is the Objective of KISA to provide a safe shooting environment while maximizing shooting opportunities. Anyone who violates these rules may be evicted by a KISA Board member or the Range Officer (if on duty) and may be reported to the KISA Board.
2. All guns must be unloaded with chambers open until at all times, unless 'RANGE HOT' has been agreed.
3. Prior to declaring 'RANGE HOT' all shooters (and guests) must be behind the benches and mutually agree to declare 'RANGE HOT'.
4. Once all shooters have completed a firing period, all firearms must be unloaded, actions open and all shooters agree to go 'RANGE COLD' before moving forward of the benches.
5. Any Shooter can call 'CEASEFIRE' when an unsafe action is observed. All shooters immediately stop firing, stand back from the benches until the unsafe condition has been remedied.
6. Following a 'CEASEFIRE' no-one is to handle any firearms until all shooters have agreed to commence firing, 'RANGE HOT'.
7. Shooting is permitted at paper targets, spinners and 'plinking' targets (such as soda cans, skeets, milk jugs etc). But all trash must be collected by each shooter and placed in the trash cans.
8. Firing at propane tanks/cans, aerosols and other potential explosive items is NOT PERMITTED.
9. No alcohol or drugs are permitted.
10. No shooting after the consumption of alcohol.
11. No Armor Piercing ammo.
12. Where eye and ear protection at all times.
13. When present the Range Officer has the final say.
14. Any questions, contact a board member or the Chief Range Officer at WWW.KISAORG.COM


The USGC is no longer using the range under contract.

Any member caught vandalizing or destroying property will have their memberships revoked and banned from future use. Please take care of our range. It is not a dump. We have a caretaker renting the trailer near the entrance. This person will report any valdalizm or violations to KISA for immediate action.

Chief Range Officer Salonie Creek Range:
Phone Number:
Chris Baker